Commander Ultimate MJ3800MYQ

Commander Ultimate MJ3800MYQ

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The Commander Ultimate is the most premium opener with built-in myQ Wi-Fi & integrated Battery Backup with Security+2.0. Jam packed with many accessories including a myQ remote LED light, Smart Control Panel, Automatic Door Lock, Cable Tension Monitor, 2 x Premium+ remotes.

Integrated Battery Backup

Ensures access even when the powers out.

Quite DC Motor

Virtually eliminates all noise and vibrations through the ceiling and provides smooth operation

Heavy-Lifting Power

Operates doors up to 130 kgs without The Protector System (Safety IR Beams) and 230kg with The Protector System (Safety IR Beams).

MyQ Technology

Create schedules, monitor, receive alerts and control the garage door opener away from home.

Space-Saving Design

Reclaims overhead space with wall-mounted design and opens up storage opportunities.

MyQ Remote LED Light

Ultra-bright LED light to illuminate your garage or workspace. Controlled through your garage door opener, remote control or the myQ app.

Product Features

  • Soft-Start and Soft-Stop for smooth operation
  • Security+ 2.0® sends a new code with every remote click
  • Premium automatic safety reverse function will allow your garage door to stop and reverse automatically if obstructed going down or stop going up
  • Timer-To Close automatically closes the door after a pre-set amount of time
  • Motion detector automatically turns on the light
  • Automatic lock prevents unwanted entry and provides an extra layer of security
  • The Protector System™ (Safety IR Beams) auto-reverses the door if there’s an obstruction
  • Automatic force sensing monitors and adjusts the force needed to open your garage with each operation
  • Manual release cord allows you to open your garage door whenever needed


 12V DC motor with thermal overload protection
 Input voltage: 240V AC
 Rated door area up to 16.5m²
 Max door weight: up to 130kg / 230kg* with beams installed
 Max peak pulling force: 600 N
 433.92, 433.30, 434.54 MHz AM radio with Chamberlain Security + 2.0 rolling code technology
 Up to 40 remote controls, 4 wireless key entry systems and 16 myQ devices
 Min headroom required: 216mm

Door Specs:
 Maximum lifting under spring tension = 20kg
 Suitable for steel and timber spring balanced doors

Door Opening & Closing Times
 Door opening time: 18 seconds
 Door closing time: 21 seconds
 Based on a 2.2m high door

Door Height
 Door height: 3m
 Door width: 5.5m
 Double dwelling

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