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Industrial Roller Shutter

Roller Doors are another one of Egmont Doors specialties, from roll formed steel to aluminum slat roller door and even the option of insulated, Egmont Doors provides for all your needs.

  • Continuous roll formed curtain
  • Available in Zincalume or coloursteel
  • 0.4 or .55 gauge steel
  • 25mm Standard guides with the option of 50mm
  • Easily operated manually or automated
  • Locking included
Insulated Roller Shutter

Insulated Roller Shutter

With the inclusion of a polyurethane insulated core, these shutter doors have uniquely designed slats incorporating high strength and insulation qualities.

‘Bird Proofing’ can also be added to any roller door which covers any gap between the door lintel and the door.

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